Traffic Counting

Let's Change How We See The Traffic

With our high accuracy traffic counting system;
we provide you the information needed of vehicles in traffic; the numbers, the classifications and the average speed of vehicles.
With close monitoring of surrounding environment, early warnings of disaster and environmental events will be monitored. Our service shall also provide you the billboard ads viewer numbers.

What You Get From
Traffic Counting Services

Our multipurpose-fully automated traffic counting service shall
deliver these things below with high accuracy.
Numbers of Vehicles

How Many Vehicles
Pointed By The Device

Average Speed

How Fast The Vehicles
In Traffic

Vehicles Classification

The Type Of Vehicles Recorded: Car/Trucks/Motorcycle

Billboard / Videotron Viewers

The Number of Vehicle
Who Saw Your Outdoor Ads

Weather Information

The Environment Situation
Around Our Device: Raining?

Traffic Counting Collected Data Example

(Taken From Kualanamu's Videotron)

Our Services is Best For:


Billboard & Videotron

With IDN Counter Traffic Counting service, you now can measure the number of average viewers of your outdoor ads.

Companies & Stakeholders

Data & Insight For You
With IDN Counter Traffic Counting service, the data we provide to you can be used to build a smarter city and a better working & business environment.
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